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Meet the Captain's


Bio- I'm a local who grew up on Anna Maria Island. 6 generations of fishing knowledge, learning the waters, and having fun is exactly what I will share on the charter that you shall choose. The options are endless and I work for you. This isn't just another sun baking charter that you're going to catch some fish and a Florida sunburn. This is the ultimate professional experience that you will never forget if you climb aboard with Captain Taylor. 

Bio- Capt. Henry, is a 5th Generation fisherman growing up on the local waters of the tampa bay. He specializes in inshore fishing with a wide knowledge from St.pete all the way to Sarasota. He likes live bait fishing with shiners and shrimp. 

Bio- Capt. Alex, a native of the Anna Maria Island area, a fishing fanatic. Capt. Alex, is very diverse in his fishing arsonal weather its inshore, reef fishing or offshore Capt. Alex thrives in every position. Alex is a family man, that loves to engage in teaching our smaller anglers the ropes of what it takes to be a great fisherman! 


25 ft Sportsman powered with a 300HP Yamaha. Providing shade and plenty of cushion seating throughout the boat.​ Simard electronics, Minn Kota I-Pilot trolling motor and more.

23ft Century powered with a 250HP Yamaha. Perfect amount of shade while having a bird in the sky with our tower. Simrad electronics, Minn Kota I-pilot trolling motor and more.


Depending on trip booked, party size, and availability will determine which boat is used for charter. 

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